sociologt paper2 - Wedding the ceremony of getting married...

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Wedding – the ceremony of getting married In this paper, I will discuss historical and present wedding traditions among several different nations of the world. I will start the description of wedding traditions by telling you about historical eras such as patriarchate and matriarchate and how they affected man’s and woman’s relationships. Then I will examine the role that wedding dress and its colors have played in different cultures. In particular, I will elaborate more on the significance of wedding dress color among Christian, Chinese, Indian and Jewish cultures. And finally, I will give a broad overview of other wedding customs in the cultures listed above. The first appearance of marriage ceremonies can be traced back to primitive societies, where the supremacy of men was established in all areas of life. Marriage as an event started when primitive societies started to break down. This also marked the beginning of patriarchate. During that time, the work done by women had no value in the eyes of men. Patriarchate era woman were preoccupied with house-keeping duties. Monogamy – a marriage of one man to one woman – was enforced around that time. Inheritance tradition became popular; however, there were serious limitations to it. Men were the dominant force – they were the only ones entitled to the family’s inheritance. Once the marriage took place, woman moved in to her husband’s house. This was different if compared to matriarchate era, when it was common for a husband to move in to his wife’s place. The tradition of a bride moving into her husband’s place is one of the oldest. Nowadays, this custom is common among many nations of the world. Wedding clothes have changed a lot as the time went by . One of the most important things in the wedding undoubtedly has been a wedding dress (also called a wedding gown) . A bride wears her wedding gown during the actual wedding ceremony . Color, style and ceremonial
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sociologt paper2 - Wedding the ceremony of getting married...

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