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Engl 1302-029 Research Paper Near Extinction Numerous species all over the world, including plants, animals and insects, are creeping toward endangerment. Many people believe that this has no effect on everyday human life, but an extinction of a species can have massive effects on our ecosystem. Those against the conservation of biology or those who do not take it seriously, consider it as an annoyance or a petty concern. However, when any species goes extinct, this can cause a whole food chain to feel the effects. If a certain plant that is used for medicine goes out of existence, not only do we lose genetic material that is irreplaceable, but we also lose an ingredient that makes a certain medicine work. People need to pay more attention to endangered species to prevent the disasters of extinction from affecting our lives. The cause of dinosaur extinction, according to many scientists and geologists, show that large volcanic activity, and a drastic climate change was the reason for the wipeout of dinosaurs. Although many humans and animals are killed by today’s natural disasters, humans are becoming the main cause of specie endangerment. With the rapid population growth of people all over the world, human expansion is threatening species, “rather than the vagaries of mother nature” (Williams par. 3). Humans are tearing down habitats for wildlife to make room for their own needs and desires, as expected of any that are expanding. People also bring with them diseases and sickness killing anything without an immune system. As, population grows in that area, so does the pollution of factories, automobiles, and humans.
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The pollution of humans causes a great problem for the now endangered polar bear. Instead of being endangered from hunting, “global warming pollution is melting the polar bear's habitat out from under it” (Schweiger par. 2). Although there are still natural causes, that can endanger wildlife, it is not enough to entirely wipe out a species. In Berlin, Germany, a baby polar bear named Knut, was rejected by its mother and was saved from near death by one of the caretakers. Supposed animal rights activists, criticized the zoo for letting the bear live and hand feeding it. They believe that by hand feeding the polar bear, it would become too comfortable around humans, which is a serious violation of animal rights. Frank Albrecht, an animal rights campaigner stated
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Research Paper - Engl 1302-029 Research Paper Near...

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