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anthro final paper 1 - Bradley Morris Anthropology 101...

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Bradley Morris Anthropology 101 (Murray) Final Paper Question 1 10212238 Institutions and Traditions Humans have numerous intuitions and traditions at different scales that help to serve, to help them form successful and efficient cooperative groups, and to manage or control the affairs of these groups. In the film by Desmond Morris we witnessed many different cultures and traditions. There are traditions for and event in life such as birth, time during childhood, puberty, marriage, adulthood, and even death. Throughout any culture in any part of the world you will find different traditions and various institutions for running life. From the Trobriands to the United States there are similarities in human behavior. There are literally hundreds of traditions that can be talked about but the two I believe are most important are marriage and family. Marriage in itself is a tradition that covers the globe. In every culture we covered there is in one form or another some type of marriage. However it does vary from culture to culture. For example in the Trobriand
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anthro final paper 1 - Bradley Morris Anthropology 101...

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