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anthro exercise 8 - The film also showed different marriage...

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Bradley Morris 10212238 Anthropology 101 (Murray) Theme 8 Exercise B 10/22/2007 “Passages of Life” In the film by Desmond Morris we witnessed many different cultures and traditions. There are traditions for and event in life such as birth, time during childhood, puberty, marriage, adulthood, and even death. Throughout the film there were many rituals for all of these occasions. The film showed how human societies are different al over the world. For instance how traditionally boys are treated different than girls and how different things are expected from them. Traditionally boy babies are more celebrated in most cultures and girls are less set aside.
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Unformatted text preview: The film also showed different marriage ceremonies from across the world. Marriage is a huge passage of life because in a way when a person gets married they are starting a new life. For some it is a wonderful occasion full of joy while in others like in Greece it is a sad and tearful occasion. Many traditions also go alone with marriage such as a bride price or a dowry. Others include the actual ceremony such as the unveiling of the bride or throwing rice to promote a prosperous marriage, Marriage wither one chooses to or not is a very important passage of life....
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