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Sample Test 1 Questions Multiple-Choice 1. To To attend the winter concert presented by the community chorus, every person had to donate one unwrapped toy at the concert hall door. This statement is most closely related to the _____ element of the market mix. A. product B. process C. price D. production E. promotion 2. A( An) __________ is a learned predisposition to respond to an object or class of objects in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way. A. self-concept B. value C. attitude D. motivation E. perception 3. A A Marketing Information System gathers information from A. only inside the organization. B. only outside the organization. C. both inside and outside the organization. D. only sources within the appropriate industry. E. governmental sources primarily 4. FirFirms that produce numerous products with diverse marketing mixes designed to satisfy smaller segments are said to practice A. concentrated marketing. B. differentiated marketing. C. tactical marketing. D. undifferentiated marketing. E. strategic marketing. 5. ThThe process of dividing the total market into several homogenous groups is called A. marketing penetration. B. sorting out. C. marketing mixing. D. marketing gridding. E. market segmentation 6. As As a marketing manager, you would be involved in all except which one .of the following activities except A. identifying customer needs. B. producing the product. C. designing goods and services. D. pricing goods and services. E. making goods and services available.
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7. ThThe essence of marketing is the exchange process in which A. two individuals each have something of value but are not willing to trade. B. two individuals each have something of value and are willing to trade. C. two individuals each have nothing of value but are willing to trade. D. one individual has something of value and is willing to trade. E. neither individual has gained anything of value. 8. Which of the following can be said with regard to marketing and selling? A. Marketing and selling are the same thing. B. Selling is more important than marketing. C. Selling is a part of marketing. D. Selling is usually separated from marketing. E. Marketing deals with mass communications, and selling deals with one-on-one communications. 9. A A television production company was looking for an idea for a new show and approached Emeril Lagasse, a charismatic Cajun chef that frequently appears on the Food Channel. It was decided that the production company would build a show based around Lagasse’s life. While the casting of the popular Lagasse insured that people would watch the first couple shows, poor scripts led to the cancellation of the show. In terms of the SWOT analysis, the casting of Lagasse was a ____, and the poor scripts were a ____. A. strength; weakness
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Sample Test 1 for BUAD 307 - Sample Test 1 Questions...

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