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Male Privilege In a world where man is believed to be a major key player, the woman, in most cases, does not exist. What prevails in a world like this is patriarchy, a system of belief that centers on man – the grandfather, the father, or the eldest male, being the most influential character, both at home and in the workplace. Throughout the history of the world, the male has emerged to be the greatest personality: chieftain, priest, land administrator, philosopher, prophet – think of any name and that can be synonymous to man. Philosophy and religion have conceived a man in an entirely different fashion. Seldom did we ever hear of a female god, a female prophet, or a priestess. In the pages of local history in the Philippines, priestesses were in fact considered deviants. Patriarchal societies have existing throughout different levels of nations, throughout many centuries, and these patriarchal societies continue to exist in the times we are currently living in. Patriarchy, as the term, is used to describe a social society where the male members seem to always dominate positions of power. As you climb up the ladder of power the likelihood of a male filling the position greatly increases. Patriarchy has been prevalent in the world for many centuries and continues to be a key issue in today’s world. As one explores the world of patriarchal societies one would uncover that it is not only found in third world countries, or countries of lesser power, but it is prevalent in countries of high power as well. The most prevalent portrayal of patriarchal societies is found in Asian countries. The I
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second largest portrayal is shown by Muslim women who are being forced to wear a veil over their face and are not able to attain the same business and social status as males. Women in these Islamic countries are not granted the same equal rights that men are, and therefore discriminated against when striving to obtain power in a politically corrupt country. In the present time where we are supposed to be more rational and intellectually mature, the male is still at the center. In the corporate world, the man works either as a manager or the company’s chief executive officer. In politics, it is only now that we hear of female leaders successfully outpouring achievements in the field. At the time of this writing, the Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is on the verge of being dethroned because of infinite contestations about her limited capacity to rule over the country. The third world has always kept the woman inside the hat of the man. They do the hardest work in factories, the secretarial and contractual jobs in the offices, the low-wage employment in many call center companies, and the completely “no-pay” work at home and in agricultural fields. The submissiveness and powerlessness of women have always put them into
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067072d[1] - Male Privilege In a world where man is...

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