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Topics to Know for Prelim I 1) General Probability: A) Intersection, Union, General Addition Formula Probability of the union is the sum of the probabilities minus the intersection. B) Complement, Mutually Exclusive events, General Addition Formula for Mutually Exclusive events Complement of an event E is the event containing all possible outcomes not in E. Mutually Exclusive events are events that cannot occur at the same time. Formula for ME: sum of probabilities minus 0 because intersection cannot happen. C) Conditional Probability, Independence, Checking for Independence, Multiplication rule for independent events (Only!) Conditional probability is the change in outcome if we know prior information. Checking for independence: P(A|B) = P(A and B) / P(B) = P(A) D) Hint: A Venn diagram is often helpful to delineate multiple situations with complicated combinations of all of the above. Know what each area of the diagram represents, be able to dissect the probability of each area. 2) Random variables A) Definition: A function which assigns a unique real number to each outcome of an experiment. . intuitively, it is a numerical quantity that varies with chance. B) Discrete and continuous random variables Discrete rv can take on only a finite number of values over any finite interval… like number of students, shoe sizes, etc. Continuous rv can take on infinite number of values over some finite
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Prelim_I_TopicsF_07 - Topics to Know for Prelim I 1)...

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