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Unformatted text preview: 11/16/2007 Announcements ECS 10 11/16 MIDTERM Mon Nov 19 Special Office Hours Mon, 10-12, 3015 Kemper 10Open book, open notes. Bring sample programs from class, your programs, etc. Bring a Scantron 2000 On myUCDavis: solutions to Prog 4, myUCDavis: programming problem on sample midterm. Wds Nov 21 will be review, no new material. Topics Lists, indexing, lists of lists for loops Functions, local and global variables Files Slicing strings or lists String methods (split, replace, strip) Exceptions Everything from Midterm 1 Getting Input choosing = True while choosing: a = raw_input("Enter h or t: ") choosing = not (a == "h" or a == "t") print "You chose ",a choosing is a Boolean variable. while loop runs so long as choosing is True Gets set to False if a=="h" or a=="t" List Indexing L = [["D",245],["R",342],["L",43],["P",12]] newVotes = ["D",13] for pair in L: if pair[0] == newVotes[0]: pair[1] = pair[1]+newVotes [1] print L L is a list of lists. pair becomes each party-total pair in turn. Adds new votes into correct total List of Strings L = for i in range(0,9): L = L + [str(i)] print L L begins as the empty list Function range(0,9) has the value [0,1,2,...8,9] Function str(i) converts integer i to a string We have to concatenate two lists, so [str(i)] 1 11/16/2007 Function def removeComma(s): sOut = "" for char in s: if char != ",": sOut = sOut+char s = "Gone" return sOut # Main program - s begins as undefined strIn = raw_input("Please give input: ") newStr = removeComma(strIn) Arguments Input to Function def removeComma(s): removeComma(s): s is the parameter or argument Takes on values of expressions in parenthesis when the function is called newStr = removeComma(strIn) removeComma(strIn) Here, it will be the value of inStr, which holds inStr, the input string the user typed Return Value Output of Function return sOut Values following the return statement are returned to the main program Local Variables # A program that crashes on the last line def summer(n): total = 0 outLine = "" for i in range(n): total = total + i return total # Main program print "Function returns",summer(5) print total # Try to print local variable newStr = removeComma(strIn) removeComma(strIn) Here, the value of sOut is returned by the function, and gets assigned to the variable newStr in the main program Local Variables Any variables first defined in a function are local and are NOT defined in the main program. Function arguments are local. It is I i possible to h ibl have two variables i a program i bl in with the same name, one in a function and one in the main program. This is VERY CONFUSING; don't do it. Make up all new variable names for your functions. Files # Basic file reading loop inFile = open("myFile.txt","r") giftStr = inFile.readline() while giftStr != "": print "Read line: ",giftStr giftStr = inFile.readline() Files are read from beginning to end; no going backwards. readline() method returns next line. .txt or .csv files contain only strings! 2 11/16/2007 Slicing # Example of slicing string = "pineapple" print string[-5:] squareList = [1,4,9,25] print squareList[1:-2] Prints "apple" and then "[4]" String Processing string = " Nov 16\tNASDAQ\t 2634.93\t+0.63%\n" string = string.strip() words = string.split("\t") change = words[-1] if change[0] == "+": h [0] "+" direction = "up" else: direction = "down" change = change[1:] change = change.replace("%","") print "NASDAQ ",direction,"by",change,"percent" String Methods string = string.strip() string.strip() Removes leading and trailing whitespace Exceptions def isFloat(s): try: float(s) # Try to do the conversion except: return False # Conversion failed! else: return True # Conversion succeeded words = string.split("\t") string.split("\ Returns list of substrings R li f b i change = change.replace("%","") change.replace("%","") Replaces all copies of one substring with another 3 ...
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