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Unformatted text preview: 12/7/2007 Announcements ECS 10 12/5 Final: Dec 13, 1-3 pm, in this room. 1Same format as midterms; probably two short programs and ~15 multiple choice questions. Bring Scantron 2000 Bi aS 2000. One program will involve a dictionary. Review in class on Friday. User's Coordinates 0 Graphics Module's Coordinates 250 popularity y 1000 1900 decades 2000 50 50 x 550 Converting To GM's Coords Pretend graph is drawn in labeled units. pop = values from table, eg most popular is 1 usersY= 1000usersY= 1000-pop What You're Supposed to Have Gotten Out of this Course Survival programming skills Use Python for your own work Be able to learn a new compute language much faster. Then Th convert to G hi M d l ' coordinates: Graphics Module's di gmY = 50+usersY*200/1000 bottom of graph in GM's coords height of graph in GM's coords height of graph in User's coords Some understanding of what goes on in the computer. Microsoft Word: read in a file, print it, let the user change it, write it. 1 12/7/2007 Python resources Lots of modules for specific tasks. Many are installed with Python (random, math) math) i a good h // h / b / / is d introduction to other "established" modules (like Python Imaging Library, numpy) numpy) Almost any kind of data you need to use, there will be a Python module for it (csv) (csv) Getting a Web page Web pages are text files. Programs written in a language: HTML. URLs describe where to find them on the internet. internet. The Python module for getting files described by URLs is: urllib. Installed with Python, like urllib. random and math. math. You can get a file on the internet almost as easily as one in the current folder. Web pages Web pages are text files. You can extract information from them like any other text file. This is Thi i sometimes called " i ll d "scraping" a Web page. i " W b Let's get all the Python files out of this one. Grabbing All The Files Could be very handy... Web Browser A very elaborate version of the current assignment, using URLs. Get file, read the HTML, produce display in a graphics window. window The one thing we haven't covered that you'd need is using the mouse; not too hard. 2 ...
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