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engl interview paper - Jessica Day Engl 202A section 14...

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Jessica Day Engl 202A, section 14 Interview Paper, Burger King manager, Katie As I sit down with Katie in the dining room of Burger King, she is just finishing telling an employee to clean up a grease spill that happened behind the counter. She apologizes for having to put off the interview until after the rush of people has subsided after dinner. She seems as comfortable sitting on this side of the counter as working on the other side. After we greet one another and sit down, we commence the interview. So, the first question, What is your job? “I'm one of the shift managers here. That, uh, that means I'm in charge of the store for a certain shift, usually 3 or so to when we close. So I'm the one who has to make sure everything's working right, and that we have enough food product, that we have all the paper product we need, everything's clean and presentable How do you feel that others view your job? How do you feel about the customers who give you a hard time like that? How do you usually react to people like that? How often do you get people like that coming in here?
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engl interview paper - Jessica Day Engl 202A section 14...

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