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engl lit review - Jessica Day Engl 202A 43 Literature...

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Jessica Day Engl 202A. 43 Literature Review The fast food industry in general probably has a lot more in common across the board than we may assume. Some of these common elements are training efforts, desire for customer satisfaction, personal training in dealing with customers, and store layout, to name only a few. Depending on one’s personal taste in fast food, one would expect every fast food chain to be inherently different from every other, since they do cater to different audiences. Although the fast food service sector may not have achieved a sterling image for itself, it continues to be a large part of the economy, with escalating dollar values across all restaurant chains. In the article “Training: they’re lovin’ it”, it states that despite many efforts to undermine the fast food industry’s success (for example, the movie “Supersize Me”), business is still increasing. This article attributes this success to polling customers, gathering outsiders’ information on the products and facilities, and excellent training provided to employees. Ralph Alvarez, the President of McDonald’s describes “Hamburger University” where executives are trained in the regulations and management of the company; he also explains the use of “seed stores”, where managers learn all about new products to take the information back to their own stores to train their crews. He also addresses the issue of employee turnover as decreasing, due to productive training and many opportunities for long-term career development. Having the trainees evaluate their training programs, as well as getting feedback from the trainers on marked improvements before and after training have helped the company to build their training program based on what works, and what produces quality results. Compiling, testing, and re-testing procedures and training methods are key in creating a successful and uniform measure of quality
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in the McDonald’s franchises., as the following article “Predictability and Personalization in the Service Encounter” describes. “Predictability and Personalization in the Service Encounter” talks about the dilemma facing companies in the customer service sector of balancing standard levels of efficiency and quality with attention to the individual needs of each customer. According to the article, there is generally a “script” for how customers and service providers expect certain interactions to play out; any greater or lesser personalization than this anticipated “script” may either disrupt the “flow” of the interaction, or leave the customer feeling neglected. General friendliness, as well as opportunities for the consumer to choose their own options, whether planning meals or
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engl lit review - Jessica Day Engl 202A 43 Literature...

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