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Patrick Carley Management 204 Team Project Dr. Kayes Nike Inc. The Organizing Process Nike first began organizing in 1962 when the company was founded by Phil Knight, a runner and student studying accounting at The University of Oregon. The company known as Nike skyrocketed and was named one of the world’s most prestigious lines of athletic gear and apparel. Nike’s main goal is to not only satisfy their customers, but also their employees as well. In an article written on an insider stated, “enthusiasm, a can-do spirit, and a specific desire to work for Nike is the mentality that most employees possess". Through this comment we can see that Nike cares about their employees’ more than comparable companies. Also the insider said, “being athletic is good. People who are athletic seem to advance faster”. To some individuals this may seem like Nike is discriminating against people who are not as athletic as others. This is a misjudgment and is not the case at all. Nike is a very diverse and open minded company that will not discriminate against anyone who is so called “non-athletic”. Another quote that was found is, “Speaking another language is also a plus since, as one contact maintains, "many developers put in a stint in one of the Asian offices (Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam), so one of these languages would be very helpful.".
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Nike is in the international market; therefore if you are bilingual or maybe trilingual you will have a better chance of being hired at Nike. Nike is a very laidback company according to a Nike veteran who heard a boss once say, “I’ll hire someone fun, who wants to work with someone boring.” This comment doesn’t surprise most people when they think of Nike’s top-level employees. There have been numerous accounts of people saying that the meetings that are taken
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management paper nike+sources pcarley - Patrick Carley...

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