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Patrick Carley Management Article Summary One “Bad Apple” Does Spoil the Whole Office In this article researchers conclude that it only takes one person who spreads negative behavior in a group or team to bring the whole group momentum down. Like most high school students who hang out with the wrong crowd and receive bad grades, this applies in the workplace as well. Negative behavior outweighs positive behavior making it hard for the select “good” workers to even out the bad apple’s negativity. Researchers state, “Companies need to move quickly to deal with such problems because the negativity of just one individual is pervasive and destructive and can spread quickly.”
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Unformatted text preview: There is one solution that companies are attempting that seems to work. If a disruptive worker gets through screening and is found they would be told to work alone or as frequent as possible. A disruptive worker is described as “someone who does not do their fair share of the work, are chronically unhappy and emotionally unstable, or bully’s or attacks others.” A survey was taken and the majority of people questioned could find at least one “bad apple” in their workforce. Future solutions include “checking references and administering personality tests.”...
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