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Chapter 1 Key Words 1. Cathartic Method a. Therapeutic use of verbal expression to release pent-up unconscious conflicts 2. Psychological view a. The belief/theory that mental disorders are caused by psychological and emotional factors i. Rather than organic/biological factors 3. Trephining a. An ancient surgical technique where part of the skull was chipped away to provide an opening through which evil spirits could escape 4. Managed health care a. Industrialization of health care b. Large organizations in the private sector control the delivery of services 5. Moral treatment movement a. Shift to more humane treatment of the mentally disturbed b. Attributed to Philippe Pinel 6. Syndrome a. Cluster of symptoms that tend to occur together & are believed to represent a particular disorder w/ its own unique cause, course, and outcome 7. Therapy a. A program of systematic intervention b. Purpose is to modify client’s behavioral, affective (emotional), or cognitive state 8. Abnormal psychology a. Scientific study whose objectives are to describe, explain, predict, and control behaviors that are considered strange or unusual 9. Humanism a. 10. Biological view a. Belief that mental disorders have a physical or physiological basis 11. Cultural universality
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a. Belief that the origin, process, and manifestation of disorders are equally applicable across cultures 12. Cultural relativism a. Belief that what is judged to be normal or abnormal may vary from one culture to another 13. Psychodiagnosis a. Attempt to describe, assess, and systematically draw inferences about an individual’s psychological disorder 14. Biopsychosocial approach a. Belief that biological, psychological, and social factors must all be considered in explaining and treating mental disorders 15. Abnormal behavior a. Departs from some norm and that harms the affected individual or others 16. Exorcism a. Ritual where prayer, noise, emetics, and extreme measures such as flogging and starvation were used to case evil spirits out of an afflicted person’s body
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Midterm 1 Key Words - Chapter 1 Key Words 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...

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