POLISCI 106 FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Skowronek’s Theorizing...

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Unformatted text preview: Skowronek’s Theorizing Context over Individual • Focuses on the political context the president inhabits during his stay in office º Rather than personal traits & political abilities Political time • The notion of a general progression from one phase to the next that repeats º Creates a cycle • 2 dimensions converge to determine president’s place in political time º 1) the strength of the established political order º 2) Relationship between the president & the established political order Strength of ruling regime • Established order = regime º Composed of: Dominant political party Allied interest groups Issues of concern to them º General political/ideological orientation prevailing in the country • How do you tell which party (liberal/conservative) is in power? º See which party controls congress to help assess what political regime/trends of the country are Relationship between the president & prevailing regime • Is he affiliated with or opposed to a particular regime? 4 situations • Reconstruction º Allows for greatest opportunities º Most great presidents fall here º New president is able to attack established ruling political order Regime is vulnerable to attack º President can begin to build new regime In 2 senses: • 1) Builds new ruling party to replace the one of the past • 2) Established new political agenda by promoting new issues & redefining old ones in terms favorable to the new party/regime º Examples: Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, and possibly Reagan • Articulation º Tend to come after reconstruction presidents...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course POL 106 taught by Professor Routh during the Summer '06 term at UC Davis.

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POLISCI 106 FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Skowronek’s Theorizing...

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