president final question 3

president final question 3 - #2 relationship between...

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Unformatted text preview: #2 relationship between President & public = rhetorical presidency/going public etc- Rhetorical presidency: president going public- He goes public to get the publics support on initiatives he wants to push though congress. - They didnt have tv, so they churned butter- Started in 1901-1909 TR - There were too many elites, they had fragmented political agendas- Presidential speeches vs the 1800s when they gave no speeches, if they did it had nothing to do with the political agenda. They pandered to the fears passions and biases of the masses to enflame the - 1900 speeches were more to the public, but not too much to piss off congress- institutionalized pluralism: the old political establishment dominated by leaders- Wilson expanded on TRs going public and worked hard to make more acceptable to countrys elite and the country at large.- description: #3: theories and factors associated with presidential approval ratings etc- Start with high level of support because the gives them a measure of trust because he hasnt pissed anyone off yet by doing his job as he takes office he undertakes varying actions, pushing various policies which will antagonize more and more groups in society o Coalition of Minorities Brace and Hinkley: - Expectations - Decay of public support, is a result of the general public becoming disillusioned with the president....
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president final question 3 - #2 relationship between...

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