notes - . encouragement, social decision schemes are rules...

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Communication – communicator receiver perceptual screen message/feedback loop completes two  way communication, data, language/reflective listening is personal,feeling oriented,responsive.  Verbal responses: affirming contact,paraphrasing,clarifying,reflecting core feelings. Nonverbal:  silence,eye contact/expressive speakers,empathetic listeners,persuasive leaders,sensitive  people,informative managers/barriers: physical separation,status and gender diff,cultural  diversity,language/nonverbal comm.: proxemics,kinesics,facial and eye behavior,  paralanguage/psychological intimacy and intergrated involvement/bounded rationality ->  satisfice/heuristics: shortcuts in decision making that save mental activity/garbage can  model/escalation of commitment/creativity – preparation,incubation,illumination,verification/  participative decision making/foundations for participation and empowerment: supportive  organizational culture and a team-oriented work design/synergy is a positive force.
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Unformatted text preview: . encouragement, social decision schemes are rules used to determine final group decisions (majority rules)/groupthink/artifacts-rites,stories,symbols,personal enactment. Values espoused, enacted. Assumption- deeply held beliefs that guide behavior/strong culture is visible to outsiders/the fit perspective/adaptation perspective- risk taking, change/What leaders- pay attention to, react to crises, behave, allocate rewards, hire and fire individuals/kilmann-saxton culture-gap survey- two dimensions are technical;human and time. Areas assessed are task support, task innovation, social relationships, and personal freedom/Triangulation is the use of multiple methods to measure organizational culture/developing-gloabla org-al culture, ethical org-al culture, culture of empow, Qua....
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notes - . encouragement, social decision schemes are rules...

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