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Jordan Dyer Cinema 12 Angry Men The set works incredibly well with this movie. Due to the fact that the whole movie is filmed in this one room the set emphasizes the film’s intense situation. The props, characters, and set make this movie what it truly is, and that is amazing. Since the majority of the film is filmed in the jury room it makes the film very dependant on great characters, and a well preserved set. Since there is not a whole lot of action in this film it forces the director to make the subject matter as intense as possible. Therefore, the dialogue between the characters has to consume the viewer since there is very little physical movement. As for the mood I would describe it as Intense. Maybe not physically but definitely mentally. The subject matter contains some very intense issues. I mean how much more intense can it get when it comes to murder. Especially given the scenario, the movie progresses with quite a bit of enthusiasm from the 12
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Unformatted text preview: men that have to deliberate over whether or not this 18 year old boy has murdered his father. Lets look at the facts here; a boys father is dead and he is getting accused of doing it. I truly dont think it can get any more interesting than that. For the framing, I would describe it as open framed and closed framed. I would describe it as open framed because sometimes a character would walk out of the frame and you would hear him talk and you would have to use your imagination and truly trust the director that that character is actually there. Which perfectly describes an open framed scene. Then again I would also describe it as a closed frame film because the majority of the time the characters remained in the frame and you could see what they were doing or saying...
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