rain - David J. Barnett 4-9-08 Creative Writing Rain I was...

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David J. Barnett 4-9-08 Creative Writing Rain I was twenty-one when I met him. Both of us working long hours for short pay. He was funny, charming, sweet, and friendly. I was impressed. It was a college job in a college town. I was a college girl and he was a college guy and that was the only thing we had in common. It was raining really hard and we were both staring out of the window. “Do you go to Tech?” he asked me. “No,” I replied. “South Plains?” “LCU,” I replied “Ah! Church girl then, huh?” He said it with a grin on his face, unaware of the truth he had actually stumbled upon.“I’m a ‘PK’ actually. A Pastor’s kid.” He quickly replied by saying, “Well I guess I can’t have sex on the job anymore can I?” I’ll never forget him. He could joke. It was always his way. When people called in sick and he had to work double shifts, he never complained for long, never got angry at them, never did much for long other than joking. He would blame headaches on a lack of booze. He would talk about how he wanted to order a filthy whore of a pepperoni pizza with ranch and would actually talk dirty to it while he ate. He admitted his self diagnosed “lack of shame” to me after he caught me staring at him after a comment he made involving two hookers and a hollowed out pineapple full of cottage cheese. He wasn’t always like that, however. He was shy. Other than the small talk he made upon my being hired, he didn’t talk to me again for my first month. He was my manager and for that month would only answer my questions. He was too shy to order me around or ask me to do him a favor. It was a co- worker of ours that got us started talking. During the shift change one day mid-December, the two of them had long since worked together and had already established themselves as friends. It
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was the two of them joking that finally opened him up to me. It showed me this fun side that was rumored about in the stories of his antics. “Man, I fucking close Friday night and open Saturday,” he said. “Boo-hoo,” our friend said sarcastically, “No boozin’ for you.” “To hell with it, I’ll just go drink after I close and not sleep till I get off work tomorrow afternoon. It will be one of those blaze of glory weekends that Richard Simmons would be jealous of. You know, mad bitches non stop, 40’s and Dr. Dre, hydroponic chronic till the break of dawn! You can call yo’ crew I’ll call my crew and we can rendezvous at the bar around two!” His hands threw gang signs that bounced in the air as though hung by a rap beat. “You will be dead once you get off,” commented our friend. “Lazy as her.” He did
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rain - David J. Barnett 4-9-08 Creative Writing Rain I was...

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