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David J. Barnett 3-13-08 Creative Writing Raw Egg Let’s talk about everyone else first. It all started to end when I moved in with my best friend from college, Justin Sowell. He was fresh out of the Marine Corps. He got the boot for taking an adderall to stay up on watch. I can’t help but to mention the fact that he had partied the night before but to get kicked out for popping a prescription pill was ridiculous. It was his bad for getting shit faced the night before but c’mon. Can’t we use a little more discretion here? He quickly applied for reentry but got a hasty, “fuck you” thrown right back in his face. Can you imagine? Getting dishonorably discharged and discarded by the organization you struggled through hell to be a part of? It’s like the fraternity wanna-be idiots at college who pay for friends that are going to treat them like an annoying little step brother before they are going to peer pressure you into a bunch of horrible decisions. But instead he only got one little paycheck, a camouflage duffle bag, his formal blues, some dog tags, and a document that basically said, “after 13 weeks of boot camp, a 54 hour crucible, and a few months of basic training we are happy to inform you that we aren’t going to pay you shit. So go stick your own finger up your ass and beat off to some gay porn. Love you! –The Marine Corps.” So needless to say Justin was all fucked up from the marines. He thought he was better than everyone and his only social experience was high school. There, he averaged 13.9 yards per carry and held an impressive school single season record of twenty-nine touchdowns. Equally impressive were the twenty plus notches on his belt from younger, and or dumber high school chicks that had no clue that being a great football player at a AA school Oregon doesn’t really mean shit. Not to take anything away from Justin, he was a bad ass and I love him to death but he wasn’t exactly the least ignorant or most open-minded person in the world. Let’s just sum up that aspect of Justin by saying his father was a marine
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from Texas and leave it at that. Justin didn’t know his boundaries. He would hug, tickle, wrestle, and get way to aggressive with girls that I had just met and brought over to the house. He was used to every girl around him wanting his attention and being totally comfortable with him because they had gone to school with him since pre-school. He was rude and had no sympathy for anyone. I like to blame the marines for that one. I forgot to mention that Justin and I moved in with his older brother Jim. Let’s talk about him next. He was a twenty-five year old engineer that worked for ASEC Incorporated. In other words, he designed fighter jets and all kinds of other cool shit. He was smart as fuck and had a lot of money. He worked fifty or more hours a week and had just bought a huge house an hour outside of Denver in
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rawegg - David J Barnett Creative Writing Raw Egg Let's...

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