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history 1b08 paper prompt - History 1B Winter 2008...

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History 1B Winter 2008 McClendon et al. A 5-7 pp. paper, based on one of the texts below will be due in lecture on Wednesday, January 30. Your paper should be word-processed and double-spaced with standard fonts and margins. Please staple it in the upper left-hand corner and please keep a hard copy of the work that you turn in. You may only use the course materials as sources for your paper; outside sources are prohibited. Finally, remember that while you are free to discuss this assignment with your colleagues, the paper you turn in must consist entirely of your own work. Your paper will be evaluated on clarity, content and effectiveness of your argument. A clear style and basic writing skills are also essential. * Imagine that you are the editor of a forthcoming volume of primary sources about medieval European history. Select one (1) of the texts below and write an introduction to that source. Your introduction should do three things. First, it should tell your reader what the source is about. Second, it should explain the historical background against which it was composed. Finally, it should make a case for the source’s inclusion in your collection (i.e. why and how the issues in the source reflect larger and important themes in the period’s history). Remember that each text below might only be a selection from a larger document; you should take that into consideration when writing your essay. Good luck! 1. Letter of Pope Gregory VII to Bishop Herman of Metz (1081) Bishop Gregory, servant of the servants of God, to his beloved brother in Christ, Hermann bishop of Metz, greeting and apostolic benediction. It is doubtless owing to a dispensation of God that, as we learn, thou art ready to bear labors and dangers in defense of the truth. For such is His ineffable grace and wonderful mercy that He never allows His chosen ones completely to go astray--never permits them utterly to fall or to be cast down. For, after they have been afflicted by a time of persecution--a useful term of
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history 1b08 paper prompt - History 1B Winter 2008...

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