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Jose Revuelta Art History 57 TA: Carolyn Stewart Before the idea of private patronage for art or art done for the art market, art was commissioned by the church for obvious religious reasons. Works of art were inspired by religious texts as opposed to the new secular themes of the 15 th century, as is shown in an early Renaissance painting, Bernardo Daddi’s Madonna and child with Saints Thomas Aquinas and Paul . The actual title of the work today is Madonna, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and Saint Paul . The work of art incorporates wings and hinges around the painting, forcing us to think of the work as a painting which has sculptural qualities. Based on the way it looks, one can see that this work was created for religious purposes of religious patrons. Through use of line, lighting, and color, Daddi achieves an almost holy aura to the work. The work is by Bernardo Daddi and the subject matter is the Virgin Mary and 2 Saints. Composed of tempera and gold leaf on panel, this work is 47 1/2 x 22 in. tall and is known as a triptych. A triptych is, as stated in James Smith Pierce’s From Abacus to Zeus: A Handbook of Art History , an altarpiece of three panels, “usually hinged so that the outer wings cover the larger central panel when closed”. Such multi-winged altarpieces provided a visual analogy for the complex abstraction of the mass. So these works were created to stimulate prayers. The center panel shows a female figure in the center clothed in red and blue. On either side
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art history 57 paper 1 - Jose Revuelta Art History 57 TA:...

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