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Paper Hist Rock & Roll - The White Stripes,Stop...

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The White Stripes ‘Stop Breaking Down’ and Start Rocking Out “Stop Breaking Down” by the White Stripes, brings the blues sound of Robert Johnson’s original song “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” in a reinvented alternative way to the youth of the late 90’s. Instead of Johnson’s acoustic guitar, The White Stripes try a new approach to the song: a distorted guitar full of reverb. With a different guitar sound and new recording techniques, the White Stripes maintain the blues sound along with its raw emotion. In 1997, John Gillis, a young man going nowhere with his job as an upholsterer, joined with Megan White, to become the guitar & drums duo known as the White Stripes. Gillis became Jack White, and they dressed in coordinated outfits of red, white, and black. The White Stripes’ music is true to its sound, which is considered a garage rock revival consisting of American blues and punk rock. No one knows if this group is brother and sister or married, but one thing is for sure, they make great music. With most of their songs The White Stripes bring in the raw sound of the Delta Blues. After all his song “Stop Breaking Down” is a cover of a song by Robert Johnson, who was the famous Delta-blues musician. Considered the “Grandfather of Rock & Roll” Whether they are married or brother and sister, hopefully not both, they are still a great band. They refuse to sell out to the pop rock of today, and they maintain the virtues of blues, just as Elvis did when he started out. The reason I chose this song is because it promotes admiration to Robert Johnson as an artist. It says to people that Johnson is an artist the people should know about. It has to be of some significance to the fact that The White Stripes are covering a song that is nearly 60 years old. I never knew that this song was a cover until one day after class, I went online to look for Robert Johnson information on wikipedia, and there was a section which listed songs of his that
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Paper Hist Rock & Roll - The White Stripes,Stop...

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