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Grading Rubric for Homework2 - 5 points The homework hast...

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Developmental Psychology, 1603.03, spring, 2008 Grading Rubric for Homework #2 Name: _________________________________________ Total Score: ____/65 Minimum word Requirements 10 points The homework must be at least 500 words. TYPED! The points are either 0 or 10 Format (2 points each) 10 points______ ______ Name of the place, date and time of the observation ______ Title (Homework #2 centered) ______ Running head (Your name, class #, section # on the right corner of each page) ______ Rubric Sheet is the first page of your assignment ______ Attach Rubric Sheet #2 with your name, class #, section # on it. Spelling, Grammar, APA
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Unformatted text preview: 5 points _____ The homework hast the appropriate Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Proper in-text and references must be written in APA style for any citations. Flow/Readability 5 points _____ The homework can be presented in either numbered questions or essay format. For both formats, the content should be readable, orderly and the ideas should be presented in a clear and concise manner. Content Knowledge 35 points _____ The homework should have appropriate, comprehensive answers to questions that demonstrate critical thinking. The homework should be thorough and well-thought out....
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