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PSY1603.03 Developmental Psychology Homework #1 Interview Worth: 65 points DUE: February 5 th The purpose of this assignment is for you to get acquainted with how the textbook is laid out, as well as to familiarize yourself with the life-span approach. I hope it can also help you to gain vivid, live examples of what the textbook is talking about. First, browse through the content section of the book (p. viii-xvi), and pick a topic you are interested in (for example, you could pick Approaches to Childbirth in Chapter 3, Relationship at Midlife in Chapter 16, or Retirement and Leisure in Chapter 18). Once you have decided on a topic, read that section in the chapter, even if you are reading ahead of the class schedule. Second, come up with at least 5 interview questions that are related to the textbook materials you have just read and interview someone who has experiences in your selected area. That is, if you pick “Approach to Childbirth”, ask someone who is a parent; if you pick “Retirement and Leisure”, interview someone who is retired. Third, write your interview questions and a summary of the interviewee’s
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