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PSY1603.03 Developmental Psychology Homework #2 Play Observation Worth: 65 points DUE: March 4 th Chapter 7 talked about make-believe play, and Chapter 9 talked about motor development and play. Now it is time for you to be a field observer and look at children’s play. Select a public setting to carry out a thirty-minute observation study of children at play. Choose a setting in which you will not participate, in which you feel comfortable, and where there is a lot of play activity going on. For example: Fast food play area, arcade, public park, public play area, public pool, movie lobby or play area, play area in a mall, doctor office play area. The key to this assignment is to concentrate on actions and interactions in children’s play that you may be familiar with but you may not have looked at carefully. You may take notes while you are observing so you won’t forget what you saw. Write a summary of your notes and how these children’s play activities applied to what we talked about in the chapters.
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