Exam 1 Summer 06 Key MCB181R Dr. Jorstad

Exam 1 Summer 06 Key MCB181R Dr. Jorstad - MCB 181R Summer...

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MCB 181R Summer Session 2006 Instructor: Dr. S. Jorstad Exam I Name ______KEY (correct answers are in bold) For multiple choice questions , circle all correct answers (there may be more than one). For short essays : confine your answers to the space provided; do not write on the backs of pages; you may use bulleted points to express yourself, as long as your meaning is clear. 1. Science a. is based on observations perceived by our senses, and thus verifiable by other humans. b. requires direct observation of phenomena. c. is an example of methodological naturalism. d. is an example of philosophical naturalism. e. can prove that a theory or hypothesis is correct. 2. Science is useful to humankind because a. it produces a collection of scientific facts and theories that never change. b. it communicates the work of geniuses to the general public. c. it can solve any kind of human problem. d. it provides reliable, predictable results that solve everyday problems such as building a bridge or treating disease. 3. Which of the following definitions is/are correct? a. A theory is a testable statement about the natural world. b. A fact is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporated theories, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses. c. A law is a descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances. d. A hypothesis is an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed. 4. Modern science is based on some underlying assumptions, including: a. There is a reality independent of human’s ability to perceive it. b. Humans are not really capable of perceiving and understanding the physical universe. c. Natural processes are sufficient to explain the natural world. d. Nature operates in the same way everywhere in the universe, and at all times. 5. Bearing in mind their intentions, evaluate the statement that some state legislatures have ruled must be either read to high school biology students or pasted in the fronts of their biology books: “Evolution is only a theory, not a fact.” Elements of a complete answer to this question include a discussion of the definitions of “fact” and “theory” presented in class, and an evaluation of whether or not the quote makes sense in light of those definitions. 1
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6. Regarding the “evolution” of evolutionary theory, which of the following statements is/are true? a. Darwin and Wallace provided a plausible mechanism by which change over time could occur. b. Darwin and Wallace were the first to consider the idea that life had evolved. c. The 19 th century Western world had no trouble accepting the theory of evolution; it did not conflict with the prevalent world view. d. Without the genius of Charles Darwin, we may never have discovered the
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Exam 1 Summer 06 Key MCB181R Dr. Jorstad - MCB 181R Summer...

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