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Government notes2 - Government Notes cont Two-Party and...

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2/27/08 Government Notes cont… Two-Party and Multi-party systems Two- party system o System in which only two major parties compete for office o Two-party systems are in the minority among world democracies. Most democracies have multi-party systems. Electoral system o A meansof translating popular votes into control of public offices Single-member, simple plurality system (SMSP) o Electoral system in which the country is divided into geographic districts, and the candidates who win the most votes within their districts are elected o The almost exclusive use of the SMSP electoral systems in the U.S. is an important part of the expiration for the American two-party system. Proportional Representation (PR) o Electoral system in which parties receive a share of seats in parliament that is proportional to the popular vote they receive. In addition to the SMSP, other factors hurt the development of third parties in the U.S. o Ballot access laws o Campaign finance laws (presidential elections) o Patterns of media coverage
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How strong are American political parties today? Party in the electorate o Had declined between 1964 and 1974 o Closet partisans o Today, ticket-splitting down and party deflection rates down Ticket splitting – voting more on candidates more than just voting a specific party Party in government o Stronger than ever Party organization o But what of party organizations? The decline of Party Organizations
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Government notes2 - Government Notes cont Two-Party and...

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