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The Critical Process: Chapter2, John Taylor, Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, 1867 Howling Wolf, Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, 1875-1878 The two works of art used here in completely different. I feel that if the textbook didn’t tell that these were of the same event. I feel that John Taylor’s version is more representational while Howling Wolf’s version very much more abstract. Even though Howling Wolf’s version is more abstract, in reality it the more representational one. He portrays women, children, and Indian chiefs all in the right aspect while John Taylor has all of the Native Americans looking exactly the same. This difference shows the ignorance that the Americans had of the Native American culture. Howling Wolf’s picture even incorporates a river bend with other natives watching from the other side of it. He probably included this body of water because I’m sure it is of great importance to them. The landscape of Taylor’s art work really shows the trees and the vast faces of attendees at the treaty signing. Another difference in the
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