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soc 153 final

soc 153 final - Nandaputra Harsono 860475310 3.16.07 Soc...

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Nandaputra Harsono 860475310 3 .16.07 Soc . 153 Final 1 .Orientalism is the knowledge production process by the west that gathered information on the east, whether it may be language, history, culture, customs, politics, or religion . The “orient” is the considered to be the contrasting images, personalities, and experiences of the west . Essentially the projection of the binary opposal qualities of the west, the Oriental culture has effeminized men that lack rational thought and are submissive to western men . In addition, the Oriental culture has exotic women in which are hypersexual and repressed . Orientalism was ultimately a tool of political and ideological control, as well a western style for dominating, reconstructing and having authority over the Orient . Because Orientalism is a form of oppression for the Asian cultures, this idea makes the Asians seem very timid and submissive, also that Asian women crave sex, but cannot get it because of the effeminized Asian men . In the end it gives power to the white cultures once again and lets them use this tool to subjugate and it even lets the white people feel that their actions are justified .
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Mohanty uses the framework of Orientalism in order to explain the biases of western feminism . By using the framework of Orientalism, it is easier for Mohanty to explain how western women suffer from a form of oppression as well . She writes about women that live in the third world countries, and majority of these countries are in Asian continent, in which the roots of Orientalism are based on . Mohanty argues that western feminism ultimately benefits the west because it reinforces the arguments that all women are universal victims of all encompassing patriarchy, and that it strengthens the binary of oppression and oppressed along man and woman dichotomy; in time, side stepping other important vectors of power including colonialism, class, ethnicity, and sexuality . A comparison between the western feminist self- presentation and western representation of women in the third world yields very significant results . Universal images of the third world women are images constructed from adding the third world difference to the sexual difference . It is based on the idea or assumption that western women being secular, liberated, and having control of their own lives . Western feminists often reconsolidate a binary construction of western liberated women versus traditional non-western women . It is made to believe that western women are placed at a higher position in the feminist world because of their options and what they are given by American society, and that third world
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soc 153 final - Nandaputra Harsono 860475310 3.16.07 Soc...

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