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Blackmore: the Dark knight of democracy, Tocqueville and Miller Cast Some Light on the Subject. According to Tocqueville, democratic societies would become authoritarian because people will lose individuality and a charismatic leader will rise and the people will follow. The two fears that are in operation are the danger of the tyranny of the majority, and being helpless and weaponless in the republic which has gotten out of control Millers comic books illustrates Tocqueville concerns by using Superman (national power), who works for the “common good” and Batman (individual power) who works for “particular good” The centralization of power leads to loss of freedom because accustoms men to set aside their own wills constantly and completely, to obey not just once and in one respect but always and in everything. Therefore, a welfare state is caused and the public must depend on private organizations and administrative organizations. Miller’s problem with the TV generation in that they can they can be convinced of anything with ease. Miller feels that the TV can move us all into a mass society and at the end of that road is totalitarianism According to Tocqueville people would abandon their responsibility for their actions because of the burden of society and as a result they pass it on to some else According to Tocqueville individualism is withdrawal of a person into a small circle of concern (family and a few friends), and leaving society behind. Mills’ mass society is when the external power legitimizes itself, and the public becomes mass society Both Miller and Tocqueville believe in a decentralized society and point out the ease with which an authoritarian society operates under the banner of democracy. Discussion Board Questions 4/9 Tocqueville distinguishes aristocracies and democracies by creating a distinction between two different kinds of society which he labels, the civil society and the political society. The Civil society refers to the sphere of market, economic and familial relations. As he states on page 4 of the introduction to Democracy in America , “As society becomes in time more civilized and stable, the different relations among men become more complicated and numerous. The need for civil law makes itself keenly felt.” This shows how Tocqueville held the need for social order in high regard, almost as a necessity to the evolution of the society of man. The civil society shapes the character of the people who live in it by making them “less brilliant, less glorious but the majority will be more
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prosperous and will tend to be more peaceful. This is based on the ability to rise on work ethic. The political society refers to the realm that covers all the activities that revolve around
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Blackmordisc - Blackmore the Dark knight of democracy...

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