csa - much for one night whether it may be academically or...

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Nandaputra Harsono 860475310 2.6.08 Dance 180J CSA Culture Night Response After reading the Gonzalez article, I felt that culture nights are something that allow the students to participate and share their own individual views of their respective cultures. Gonzalez also points out that it is hard for the Filipinos to create a culture night because of most of their history was through word of mouth, such as the African Americans are able to go to a museum or ask a board and learn about their history, but the Filipinos did not have that privilege. In addition to the tough time in search of history, everyone has his or her own personal culture. Also the people that performed in the culture night dedicated their whole hearts and soul into the performance. Although the idea of how a cultural night is formed might be questionable in a sense that some people that were in the culture night as described by Gonzalez, had sacrificed so
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Unformatted text preview: much for one night; whether it may be academically or even in relationships. In the end their hard work and sacrifice because each individual learned about their fellow performers and more so about their own heritage. I feel that this article not only relates to the members of CSA culture night but as well as other culture nights as well. Not only do we work hard and dedicate our time into the cultural night, but also we form bonds with those around us. It is as though the people that accomplish a culture night can see their work at the peak during the show, essentially the culture night baby grows into a full fledged adult and the members personally witness the their child growing. Ultimately, people really can learn a significant amount of their culture in a matter of hours, and all it takes is dedication and an open mind....
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csa - much for one night whether it may be academically or...

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