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860475310 Soc. 153 Response wk. 2 The Faustoarticle was about the conflict of how gender is created within a society. They used the example of the woman who competed in the Olympics and she had male hormones. I felt that this article showed how society is the one that determines whether a boy or girl will become what they are. In other words, androgynous people are a steered towards a direction that will suit them best. I do not think that society should try andraise these people how they see fit because it can cause trouble in the long run and they androgynous people might become confused and have mental problems because of their ambiguity. This is apparent in young children when they are given “boy” or “girl” toys when they are very young. Boys play with sports objects and toy cars, while girls are givenBarbie dolls and tea sets. The Lang article is about Native Americans and their view on homosexuality. Basically people that are homosexual have two spirits residing inside of them and having sex with a these people would not be considered homosexual because technically you would have sex with the male or female spirit which ever opposite sex it is. I thought this article was very interesting because I have never heard of such traditions, and it does not disgust me, actually enlightens my views upon Native Americans and homosexuals. I do not agree with homosexual sex, but I do not despise it. I feel that this article somewhat justifies homosexuality within the Native American community, and that these people find it an honor to have two spirits. This article also makes me feel that homosexuality is not always wrong in every culture and that even some cultures actually embrace or do not even see it as homosexuality. Nandaputra Harsono
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resp all - Nandaputra Harsono 860475310 Soc. 153 Response...

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