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Group Project for Spring Quarter Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSY122I) 2008 This is a very long, annoyingly detailed description, but there is a summary at the end. You must belong to a group in this course. Sorry if you don’t like anyone or don’t know anyone or whatever, but this is a course about group processes at work, thus you must belong to a group. YOU MUST HAND IN A SHEET WITH THE NAMES AND ID#’S OF THE MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP NO LATER THAN TUESDAY OF WEEK 3!!!!! Groups may consist of between 2 and 5 people. 4 or 5 people is best! Each group will choose a project from the list to work on. There is no limit on the number of groups who may choose the same project, but you must stay within the confines of the projects listed below. The TA will be helpful to you in working on your project, as will the book. I would very strongly advise you to consult with the TA or the instructor while doing your project and to have it reviewed as you go along. Your group must all work together on this project and at the end of the project the group will turn in two things – one is the entire completed assignment and the other is a grade sheet – The group must create an assessment instrument of some sort and grade each individual in the group. Do not turn in a project until everyone in your group has contributed, read and signed off on the final product – we are not responsible for problems within the group or for “piecing together” who did what. Projects that “look pretty” and are coherent and easy to read (not choppy) tend to get higher grades. Do not assume that this project is easy to get full points on – the standard we are holding you to is quite high as there are a lot of you working together and thus we expect an equal increase in quality. Total length of projects will probably easily exceed 10 pages. DO NOT submit a piecemeal paper with all sections written by different people, until one of you makes them all fit together and read as though they are one paper. I have no idea who wrote what section, and when there is a bad section, it brings the grade of the whole paper down – thus I would very strongly advise you all to read the entire paper before you turn it in and make revisions where necessary to make the paper read as one cohesive document. If you each write a different section, then assign an “editor” to pull them all together into something that looks cohesive. This project is worth 1/3 of your grade (60 points)- so you really need to put some effort into it. It will be many pages long, so choose a good group and plan to put some individual and group effort into this. Don’t slack off and expect your group to pick up the slack – they’ll assign you a low grade and you’ll be really bummed. Part I –
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I-O+psychology+2008+group+project+description - Group...

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