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Industrial and Organizational Psychology Spring Quarter, 2008 PSY 122I or PSB 192B Instructor: Dr. Jacqui Lewis Dr. Lewis is off campus at: 15 Corporate Plaza, Ste 140, Newport Beach, CA 92660 Phone: 714-962-2073 fax: (949) 717-6412 e-mail: jacquilewisphd@hotmail.com & jlewis@uci.edu note: please do not send “attachments” with e-mail – if you need to e-mail something cut and paste it into the body of the e-mail. Required texts for class: Required: Industrial and Organizational Psychology, an Applied Approach by Aamodt, 2007 ISBN 0-495-09306-8 This course will meet: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-10:40 in SSH 100 Instructor Office Hours : Dr. Lewis is available for office hours before class on Tuesdays and Thursdays – I’ll be sitting behind the classroom, by Aldrich park, unless it’s too cold or raining – then I’ll be in SSPB 2249. We also have a great TA - Objective of Course This course is designed to be participatory and enjoyable, but it does cover a lot of information in a short time, and it is imperative that you plan to actually attend the class lectures! THIS COURSE IS HARD – please don’t take it if you think it’s an easy “A”, it’s not. This course will discuss the field of industrial psychology from an introductory perspective. Students with a background in psychology or business may find the course material easier to grasp (especially since we move so quickly through topics), however students from all backgrounds are welcome. Every student must also participate in a group project. If you don’t like group work, then
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I-O+syllabus+spring+2008 - Industrial and Organizational...

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