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HIST200 F06 The American Experience Final Study Guide 1

HIST200 F06 The American Experience Final Study Guide 1 -...

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Carole Shammas Fall 2006 History 200 The American Experience FINAL EXAMINATION STUDY SHEET -Do essays first and spend time on it because most of the points are with the essays -Order of the answers doesn't matter Terms I Give time, place, and significance (30 pts.) -3 sets of 3 (10 each) Standard of Living 1920s (first three have to do with modernity and last have to do with...) consumer durables revolution, installment buying, company stores, Federal Highway Act, National Origins Act, Prohibition, Klu Klux Klan Depression – margin buying, Black Thursday (October 25th; just know the day; first day, black tuesday is when the crash really happened 29th; know that is a date and what it stands for) , gold standard (Value of currency held by the bank; economic view: gold has value because people accepted it; after WWII and knocked off in 70s) , Hoovervilles, Dust Bowl, bank panics (people runin banks because people fear they won't be able to; banks don't have actual money to give out because they are not liquid) , foreclosures, California Alien Labor Act, Popular Front (uniting of people from far right fascism with Hitler; so people kept money in the US; mvmt from ctr.; US is a valuable ally i the fight against fascism; Related to the depression because people are dispairing and are moving to the left a majority; pro-labor, pro-agricultural man, sympathetic to the ordinary workingman) , FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, New Deal, Keynesian economics, AAA, WPA, Social Security, ADC, unemployment insurance, FHA, amortized mortgages, Wagner Act, NLRB, UAW, Flint sitdown strike, CIO, John L. Lewis, Wealth Tax Act, court packing 20 th Century’s Great Wars – WW I, Serbian nationalism, Central Powers, Allies, trench warfare, influenza pandemic, Bolshevik Revolution, isolationism, Paris Peace Conference, reparations, Middle east mandates ( assignment of the ottoman empire with france that they would become independent states) , Balfour Declaration, Woodrow Wilson, Fourteen Points, self-determination, League of Nations, Kellogg Briand Pact, Palmer Raids, Empire of Great Japan, Emperor Hirohito, Manchuria, Sino-Japanese War, National Socialism, Third Reich, appeasement, WWII Selective Service Acts, Axis Powers, Allies, London Blitz, Stalingrad, Casablanca Summit, unconditional surrender, D Day, Dresden, Buchenwald, holocaust, Pearl Harbor, Bataan death march, Japanese American internment, sulfa drugs, Tokyo fire bombing, atom bomb, Yalta, United Nations Cold War – Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto , capitalists, Marxist Leninism, Vladimir Lenin, USSR, Comintern, command economy, Joseph Stalin, five year plan ( Has to
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dowith the Solviet union institution to industrialize, levels in production in certain structures. Results and statistics are fudged to meet what they want it to be.) , collectivization ( Could not own farm on your own, famillies and groups of families were assigned to certain land. Agricultural famine on certain levels) , purges, National Security Act, Anti-Communists, containment, George F. Kennan, Dean Acheson, NATO, SEATO, CENTO, Marshall Plan, Warsaw Pact, Sputnik, HUAC, McCarthyism, John
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