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CSE 260 Homework1

CSE 260 Homework1 - CSE 260 Homework#1 Due Tuesday in class...

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CSE 260 Homework #1 Due Tuesday 9/26/06 in class Worth 10 points 1. Tell me about yourself. At what point are you in your graduate studies? What are your research interests? Are there any aspects of your technical background that you'd like to tell me about? What would you like to get out of the course? Do you have a research project in mind? Are you looking for a lab partner? How do you feel about your programming and teamwork skills? Would you like to improve them? Do you feel you could teach these skills to others? Does anything else come to mind? 2. Browse the web and read about an application that has previously been implemented on a parallel computer, or a software tool that is used to develop parallel applications. Provide a writeup that describes the application or tool, including prior results and their significance. For applications, report available information that addresses the following points. a. What is the application and its significance?
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  • Fall '06
  • Baden
  • Computer program, large amounts, following points, commercial product, outstanding performance bottlenecks, code developers

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