PhysB Course Outline

Physics, Vol. 1, Second Edition

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-2008 Advanced Placement Physics Bhttp://www.gnsphysics.comMr. SckalorPhysics deals with the behavior and structure of matter, I prefer to define it as The Science of Everything. In this course you will learn the scientific basis behind many things you see and do every day and it will give you a better understanding of the universe around you. Below is important information you will need to know to succeed in this course.Textbook:Physics, Second Edition by James S. WalkerSupply Requirements:Notebook and pen or pencil daily.A scientific (not graphing!) calculator (sin, cos, etc.) is requiredin class daily. Calculators supplied to you during class will cost points on exams and quizzes. Please make sure you have one with you at all times. Graphing calculators are not permitted in class at any time.Graphing calculators used during class will be confisacated.Ruler or straight edge and protractor. As needed.No electronic devices (phones, walkman, mp3 player, etc.) other than an approved calculator are permitted to be used in class.These items may be confiscated at any time.Lab Requirements:You are required to complete 30 hours of laboratory work in order to take the Regents exam in June. Any labs missed will need to be made up at a time convenient to both you and the instructor. Youare responsible to arrange the make-up lab work....
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PhysB Course Outline - 2007-2008 Advanced Placement Physics

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