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13_South_Asia_Bb - Urbanization in South Asia Outline...

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Unformatted text preview: Urbanization in South Asia Outline Ancient civilizations in Indus valley India Bazaar town Colonial town New Delhi Kolkata Key Urban Facts Principal Cities of the Region The Indus Valley Mohenjo-Daro Harappa Indo-European Invasion South India: Madurai Madurai: Sri Meenakshi Temple Mogul Islamic Empire Shahjanabad Shahjanabad: Jama Masjid Shahjanabad: The Red Fort New Delhi New Delhi Demographics New Delhi Planning New Delhi Colonial Delhi Monuments India Gate Rajpath Rashtrapati Bhavan Parliament Old Downtown Market Connaught Place: Modern Shopping Center New Delhi: Bazaar Town Model South Asian Morphology: Colonial City Model Kolkata Colonial City Form Calcutta: British Capital Howrah Railroad Station Kolkata: Cultural Capital Population Growth of Kolkata Next Two Classes ...
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