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23_POJ in Luke - Portrait of Jesus in Luke A Developmental...

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Unformatted text preview: Portrait of Jesus in Luke A Developmental Portrait in Five Stages 1. Infancy Unredeemed Firstborn Luke 2:22-24 Two rituals: Redemption of the firstborn Exod 13:2, 13 Num 3:45-47; 18:15 Lev 12:6-8 Purification after childbirth A Purification after childbirth (22a) B Redemption of the firstborn (22b) B' Redemption of the firstborn (23) A' Purification after childbirth (24) Jesus is the unredeemed firstborn. He belongs wholly to God. 2. Twelve years old Jesus ratifies his dedication Luke 2:41-51 Story of Hannah and Samuel Jesus affirms the decision of his parents by staying at the Temple. He ratifies the decision his parents made about him, thus his confusion that his parents would not know where he was. 3. Thirty years old Ministry begins with empowerment and illumination Luke 3:21-22 Empowerment Jesus' baptism Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus as a dove Dove was a symbol of divine love Luke 4:16-21 Illumination Isaiah 61 fulfilled 4. Jesus' Exodus Journey to suffering and death Luke 9:18-23:56 9:21-22 Jesus foretells of his passion 9:31 Jesus begins his "exodus" to Jerusalem where he will suffer and die. Prayer in the life of Jesus Jesus prays at significant points of transition in his life 3:21 baptism 9:18 exodus to Jerusalem 22:39-44 prior to his crucifixion Prayer is the instrument by which God directs the course of holy history. 5. Jesus' Resurrection and Ascension Luke 24 Resurrection = victory over death Ascension = removal to heaven Exaltation = becomes cosmic Lord of the universe What is the point of this developmental portrait? Jesus is the model of a disciple. A disciple is one who belongs wholly to God. A disciple ratifies God's claim upon their life. A disciple is empowered and illuminated by the indwelling Holy Spirit. A disciple is enabled to submit to suffering in this present age for the sake of God's kingdom. A disciple is one who will share in Christ's victory over death and exaltation in the age to come. A disciple is one whose life is directed and empowered by prayer. What is the points of the birth narrative in Luke 1-2 in light of this developmental portrait? The birth narrative tells how the life of Jesus is possible. Jesus' life is given by the Holy Spirit from God from birth! Adoptionism: Cerinthus believed Jesus became God's son at his baptism because of his righteous living prior to then. For Luke, Jesus is God's Son from birth by grace before he had done anything good or bad. Thus, for the follower of Christ, the Christian life is only possible by a prior acts of God's grace. To become God's adopted child is not based upon prior righteousness but God's prior choosing and enabling. ...
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