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12_United Monarchy

12_United Monarchy - United Monarchy Davidic Covenant&...

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Unformatted text preview: United Monarchy, Davidic Covenant & Prophecy-Fulfillment Schema I. Kings of the United Monarchy Saul Tribe of Benjamin David Tribe of Judah Youngest son of Jesse Solomon Son of David (and Bathsheba) II. The Davidic Narrative Introduction: Saul's era closes (2 Sam 1) A Violent struggle for succession (2 Sam 2:1-5:3) B First Interlude (2 Sam 5:4-9:13) C David's reign (2 Sam 10:1-20:22) B' Second Interlude (2 Sam 20:23-24:25) A' Violent struggle for succession (1 Kings 1-2) III. God/Yahweh Controls History Prophecy-Fulfillment Schema 1. Davidic Covenant (2 Sam 7; cf. 1 Kngs 1-11) 2 Sam 7:1-17 (cf. Ps 89) What does God promise/Nathan prophecy? Rest for the land (vv. 10-11a), i.e., a total conquest of Israel's enemies A house (vv. 11b-16), i.e., a familial succession of kings 1 Kngs 2:46, Solomon's kingdom is established 1 Kngs 5:4, Yahweh subdues Solomon's enemies (cf. Deut 12:10-11) - How is it fulfilled in the narrative? - The Davidic Covenant and the Hope for an "Ideal Son of David." The promise given to David resulted in a growing hope in later generations for an "Ideal Son of David" to appear an bring ultimate "rest" and final victory for God's people. (cf. Isa 9:2-7) Terminology for this Ideal Son of David Messiah = annointed one, from Hebrew Christ = annointed one, from Greek The Branch (cf. Isa 11:1-10) Jesus The Ideal Son of David Called the Christ Rom 1:3, a descendant of David Genealogies in Matt and Luke link Jesus to David's royal line Anointed with God's Spirit at his baptism 2. David's sin (2 Sam 12ff.) - What is Nathan's prophecy? - 2 Sam 12:10-14 1) The sword will not depart from his house 2) Give his wives to his neighbors 3) Death of Basheba's baby - How is the prophecy fulfilled in the narrative? 1) Bathsheba's baby dies 2) Absolom sleeps with David's concubines publicly 3) Absolom kills his brother and then is killed What does this prophecy-fulfillment schema say about God? Omnipotence behind the scenes God's wisdom and power do not take center stage like in the Exodus. They are operative "behind the scenes" in the daily choices, (whether with evil or good intent) people make that bring about God's purposes in history. Act 3:17-18 "And now brothers, know that you acted according to ignorance just as your leaders; but God in this way fulfilled what was foretold through the mouth of all the prophets that his Christ must suffer." What does this schema say about humans/us? About our freedom? God's is absolutely sovereign and yet we are responsible for our choices. About our goodness/evil? Evil cannot be extracted even from the "best" humans. (Noah, Abraham, the Patriarchs, Moses, David, Solomon). There must be a new creation. ...
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