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Unformatted text preview: Portrait of Jesus in John Christological Patterns Synoptics: Exaltation Christology Exalted to heaven where Jesus rules Heavenly realm John: Epiphany Christology Earthly realm 1:118 Prologue Structure of John 1:192:11 Seven day period 2:1211:57 Seven aspects of Jewish worship that Jesus supersedes 1220 Seven day period 21 Epilogue 1:192:11 Seven Day Period Seventh day 2:111 Wedding at Canaan First "sign" turning water into wine Significance Jesus fulfills and supersedes old Jewish purification rituals and worship. 2:133:21 Cleansing of the Temple 2:1211:57 Jesus Fulfills and Supersedes Jewish Worship 3:224:3 Jesus supersedes Jewish worship Jesus, not the Temple, is the locus of the divine presence Jesus Supersedes Jewish purification rites Jesus Supersedes the place of worship Jesus Supersedes Jewish water rituals Jesus Supersedes Passover Jesus Supersedes the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus Supersedes the Feast of Dedication 4:454 5 6 79 1011 Fifth day 1220 Seven Day Period 18:2919:42 Crucifixion on the Day of Preparation when the Passover lamb was sacrificed. 1:3539, John the Baptist identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Seventh day Resurrection and appearances of Jesus Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grnewald Other Sevens in John Seven "signs" Water into Wine Healing the Official's Son Healing the Lame Man Feeding the 5000 Walking on Water Healing the Blind Man Raising of Lazarus Seven "I am" sayings ... the Bread of Life I AM ... Light of the World ... the Gate ... the Good Shepherd ... the Way, the Truth, the Life ... the True Vine John Opposes Christological Heresy Doceticism Affirmed Jesus to be only and absolutely divine but not truly human. He only seemed to be human. "The Logos/Word became flesh" John 1:14 John 19:34 (cf. Irenaeus Ag. Heresies 3.22.2) John 20:2629 (cf. Ignatius Smyrnaeans) Iliad 5.340 Immortals bleed water not blood The fact that Jesus issued forth blood demonstrated that he died as a human even though he was divine. Thomas told to touch Jesus' wounds Proof of Jesus bodily resurrection and that he remained the incarnate Christ after the resurrection ...
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