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25_Resurrection Narratives

25_Resurrection Narratives - Resurrection Narratives Two...

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Unformatted text preview: Resurrection Narratives Two types of resurrection narratives Empty tomb stories Some women find the tomb empty A man or men find the tomb empty Appearance stories Appearance proves Jesus is alive Appearance is accompanied by postresurrection instruction Types of Resurrection Narratives in the four Gospels Mark (assuming it ends with 16:8) Matthew 28 Empty tomb story (18) empty tomb found by women (910) appearance (1620) appearance + instruction (disciples commissioned) (111) empty tomb found by women (12) empty tomb discovered by Peter (1227) appearance + instruction (Christ must suffer) (2849) appearance + instruction (disciples commissioned) (12) empty tomb found by women (310) empty tomb found by the beloved disciple and Peter (1118) appearance (1923) appearance (disciples commissioned) (2429) appearance (ch. 21) appearance + instruction (Peter is reinstated) Luke 24 John 2021 How did the earliest Christians come to believe in the resurrection? 1 Corinthians 15:35 Earliest tradition of Christian preaching prior to A.D. 50. "Handed on what I received" Identification of an oral tradition Paul had learned. A summary of the preaching he had in common with the other apostles (= kerygma) Christ died / for our sins / in accordance with the Scriptures He was buried He was raised / on the third day / in accordance with the Scriptures He appeared to Cephas and the Twelve Christ died (crucified / buried) Christ lives (appearances) How are we to understand the resurrection of Jesus? 1 Cor 15:4 "Jesus was raised" Egegertai Rom 6:9 "We know that Christ, being Perfect tense a completed action that continues Passive voice God raised Jesus raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has dominion over him." Contrast with John 11 Lazarus not resurrected but only resuscitated 1 Cor 15:5057 An event that is expected to occur at the end of the age and declares God's ultimate victory over death and sin. 1 Cor 15:23 Rom 8:2223 This "eschatological" event has already occurred with Jesus as the "firstfruits" from those among the dead. It is a bodily resurrection. Our bodies belong to this created order and will be redeemed along with this created order. The empty tomb stories function to convey that Jesus' resurrection was bodily. Postresurrection accounts of touching and handling Jesus also convey this understanding of Jesus' resurrection. ...
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