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Unformatted text preview: The Righteousness of God in Paul The dikai- Word Group dikaios (adjective): righteous dikaiosune (noun): righteousness dikaioun (verb): to justify Meaning of the dikai- Word Group In the works of classical writers (e.g., Aristotle and Cicero) The word group is associated with the condemnation or punishment of the transgressor. In the LXX Covenant terms Covenant = a durable personal relationship The word group is associated with faithfulness to the relationship Dikai-cognates in the LXX Adjective (dikaios) Nehemiah 9:8 God is faithful to the covenant Noun (dikaiosune) Isaiah 46:13 God's salvation, i.e., faithfulness to the relationship. Verb (dikaioun) To express faithfulness to the relationship Dikaioun to justify in the LXX If one is righteous To be justified by God = to be recognized and rewarded for one's faithfulness (cf. 1 Kings 8:31-32) If one is unrighteous To be justified by God = to be restored to a covenant relation with God To be forgiven Isa. 43:25-26 LXX ("confess your lawlessness first so that you may be justified") To be delivered Isa. 45:25-26 LXX ("and all who removed them from their borders will be ashamed. By the Lord shall they be justified and in God will the all the seed of the children of Israel be justified") To be enabled Ps 72:1-2 ("God, give your righteousness to the son of the king so that he might judge your people with righteousness") Dikai-cognates in Paul's letter to the Romans Romans 1:17 (noun dikaiosune) God's righteousness is revealed in the gospel God's saving activity is revealed in the gospel God's faithfulness to the covenant. Romans 3:26 (adjective dikaios) God is righteous. God is faithful to His promises to restore and maintain the relationship with those He saves. Romans 3:24 (verb dikaioun) We are justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ. Romans 4:3-8 to forgive Cf. Gal. 3:13-14 (Why Jesus' death was necessary for forgiveness) Romans 6:7 to be set free/delivered Cf. Col. 2:13-15 (not only freedom from our innate idolatrous orientation but also from oppressive evil powers) Romans 5:19 to be enabled to be faithful to God How does God give us His righteousness? Galatians 2:19b-20 Christ lives in me = I live by the faithfulness of the Son of God Paul lives with the same faithfulness to God that Christ manifested on earth Philippians 2:13 God works both the desire and ability to do His will The Ultimate Aim of God's Saving Activity in Jesus Christ: THE GLORY OF GOD Isaiah 43:25 Romans 3:21-26 Jesus has come to bring God's once-and-for-all salvation to vindicate God's faithfulness. All that God has promised has been either fulfilled or confirmed in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus. God has effectively dealt with sin and corruption in a way that does not diminish His holiness or honor. Cf. Aulus Gelius Attic Nights 7.14.2-4: Punishment (timoria) that restores the honor of the one has been offended. ...
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