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Unformatted text preview: The Canon of Scripture I. What are the two parts of the Christian Canon? II. What is in Each Part? Reed Meaning of "Canon" Rule or Standard by which to judge List of standard or classic authors worthy of imitation Delimited list of religiously authoritative books, i.e., they are given an exclusive role in deciding matters of doctrine (what is to be believed) and matters of practice (what is to be done) in the worshipping community. I. What are the parts of the Christian Canon? First Part: Confessional: OT (Christian) / Tanak (Jewish) By Language: Hebrew Bible / MT: Masoretic Text Septuagint (LXX) Greek OT Second Part: New Testament II. What is in each part? and What is its structure? Jewish Canon First Part Tripartite division TaNaK Torah the Law [2nd c. B.C.] Nevi'im Prophets [2nd c. B.C.] Ketubim Writings [end of A.D. 2nd c.] Former Prophets (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings) Latter Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Book of the Twelve) The Jewish canonical order likely reflects the order of canonization of each major collection How many books are in the Jewish canon? 24 Book of the Twelve = 1 EzraNehemiah = 1 Samuel / Kings / Chronicles not subdivided 22 Number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet Jeremiah/Lamentations = 1 Judges/Ruth = 1 24/22 Jewish canon = 39 Protestant OT Jewish canon Christian OT Canon Divided into four parts Pentateuch History Books Poetry/Wisdom Prophets OT Apocrypha / Deuterocanonical Books Additional works not in the Jewish Canon Bible of the early Church Two Views of the OT Apocrypha Jerome Hebrew Books alone authoritative Protestants Augustine The LXX is the Bible of the Church Roman Catholic / Greek Orthodox Why do Protestants follow Jerome? Anglicans recognize these books as useful for edification In the 16th century Luther published the apocryphal books as an appendix to his German translation of the Bible. This makes them easy to exclude as a collection. Doctrinal reasons 2 Macc 12:4346 used to support doctrine of purgatory and prayers for the dead Is there unanimity to the limits of the OT canon among Christians? NO, but there is a consistent core represented by the Jewish and Protestant canons. Are Christian heretical who hold to an expanded OT canon? NO, even Augustine excepted the expanded canon. It was the Bible of the early church. How do the Jewish canon and Christian OT End? Jewish 2 Chronicles 36:23 Decree of Cyrus to rebuild the Temple Christian Malachi 4:56 The coming of Elijah to deliver from the curse of the Lord (cf. Luke 1:17) Structure New Testament Four accounts of the significance of Jesus Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Collected with Gospels (p45) or Catholic Epistles and Letters of Paul (B ) Prominent church leaders Peter John James Paul Gal 2:9 14 Letters of Paul (13 + Hebrews) Core: 9 letters to 7 churches 4 letters to individuals Hebrews Catholic Epistles 7 letters collection Pillars of the church (Peter, John, James) Second Part Gospel Acts a bridge Apostle Revelation III. Conclusion Canonical Plot Creation (Gen 12) Corruption (Gen 311) Correction (Gen 12 Jude) Consummation (Revelation) Story of Israel (OT) Story of Jesus (NT Gospels) Story of the church (NT Acts & Letters) The story we believe explains the way the world actually is. Metanarrative or Grand Story Who am I? Where am I? How did we get here? What's wrong? What's the solution? What time is it? Where do we belong in the story? You can have only one metanarrative. There are several competing metanarratives. ...
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