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21_POJ in Matthew

21_POJ in Matthew - Portrait of Jesus in Matthew Structure...

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Unformatted text preview: Portrait of Jesus in Matthew Structure of Matthew Matt 12 Birth Narrative Matt 37 34 what Jesus does 57 what Jesus says (Sermon on the Mount) 7:28 refrain ("When Jesus had finished saying these things"; cf. Deut 32:45) Matt 810 89 what Jesus does (10 miracles) 10 what Jesus says (Mission Discourse) 11:1 refrain Matt 1113 1112 what Jesus does 13 what Jesus says (7 kingdom parables) 13:53 refrain Matt 1418 1417 what Jesus does 18 what Jesus says (Discourse on Community Ethics) 19:1 refrain Matt 1925 1922 what Jesus does 2325 what Jesus says (Teaching on Judgment; 23 present / 24 25 future) 26:1 refrain Matt 2628 Passion Narrative Conclusion: Jesus is the Second Moses / "the prophet like Moses" Just as five books are attributed to Moses, Jesus has five books attributed to him. Deut 32:45, "When he had finished saying these things," concludes Moses' discourse to the Israelites and concludes Jesus' discourses to his disciples. Echoes of the Story of Moses in the Life of Jesus in Matthew The birth narrative Jesus performs ten miracles. Moses performs 10 plagues. Jesus teaches from on top of a mountain (Sermon on the Mount). Moses receives the covenant from God on top of a mountain. Matt 21:1011, Jesus is identified as "the Prophet" by the people. Matt 28:1618, the story of Jesus ends on a mountain. Moses' story ends with his death on top of a mountain. Matthew Defends Jesus from Attack Matt 1 Jesus' Genealogy Five Women Tamar Rahab Ruth Bathsheba Mary All these women were morally suspect as to their sexual behavior. A defense of Jesus' ancestry. Even David had a questionable lineage. Matt 3:1317 Jesus' Baptism Vv. 1415 are not found in Mark. Microsoft Word Document These verses explicitly state that Jesus was not baptized in repentance for any sin. From the Gospel of the Nazoreans [end of first century A.D. in Syria] "But John tried to deter him saying, `I need to be baptized by you, and you come to me!' Jesus replied, `Let it be so now; it is fitting for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness." "Behold, the mother of the Lord and his brethren said to him: John baptizes unto the remission of sins, let us go and be baptized by him. But he said to them: Wherein have I sinned that I should go and be baptized by him? Unless what I have said is a sin of ignorance." Matt 28:1115 Jesus' Resurrection Reports a charge against Jesus' disciples' witness to the resurrection. Matthew defends against that charge by explaining the source of that charge. ...
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