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lab 4 questions - SEMs to SIMS An electron and a Mg2 ion...

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David Gracias Micro / Nanotechnology Spring 2008 1 For the laboratory 4 report please answer the following 1) Compare and rank the theoretical resolution of Visible microscopy, UV microscopy, 1 KeV scanning electron microscopy, 2 KeV Scanning electron Microscopy, and 1 KeV ion microscopy? Give a limit for each method and BRIEF rationale. 2) Imagine you fabricated a rectangular silicon nitride AFM cantilever of length 10 microns and width and height of 1 micron. What distance would it deflect when subjected to a force of 10 picoNewtons. Is this a good choice for a cantilever to detect Pico newton forces? If not, suggest practical alternative dimensions. 3) Electrostatic/ magnetic lensing is used to guide electrons / ions in instruments ranging from
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Unformatted text preview: SEMs to SIMS. An electron and a Mg2+ ion are moving from a surface in vacuum towards a detector 1m away with a uniform speed of 100 m/s. Calculate the acceleration on the electron and the ion when subjected to (a) 1 Kilovolt attractive electric field bias in the direction of its motion (b) A 1 tesla magnetic field perpendicular to its direction of motion. In each case specify how the fields will alter the direction of the electron and the ion. 4) Draw the contact mode AFM image (rough sketch with dimensions) of the structure drawn below when using a tip with radius of curvature (a) 1nm and (b) 1 micron. Briefly explain your rationale. 50 nm wide 500 nm tall (nanowire)...
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