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101e303 - Physics 171.101 Exam 3 Prof Barnett Do all THREE...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 171.101 Exam 3 April 10, 2003 Prof. Barnett Do all THREE problems. You may use anything written on the front and back of ONE 3”x 5” index card. Everything should be written in ink and no “snow paint” should be used. Use g z: 10 m/sec2, 7r : 3, Sin(370):0.6, Cos(37°):0.8 1. A Spring sits horizontally on a frictionless floor. One meter to the right is a smooth incline going up a distance of 0.5 meters from the floor. The top end of the incline makes an angle of 37" relative to the floor. The Spring constant is k = 104 N/m. A 5 kg block compresses the spring by 10 cm from equilibrium and is then shot across the floor. It goes up the incline and sails into the air with the usual parabolic trajectory. A) (10 pts) What is the speed of the block at the instant it loses contact with the spring, i.e. at the equilibrium point? B) (10 pts) What is the speed of the block as it leaves the incline? C) (10 pts) What is the maximum height reached by the block during its flight? D) (5pts) What impulse, f, did the spring apply to the block? you W3 / 2. A 1,000 kg rocket in outer space is traveling I. a QC, ,{3 .3 .7 c with a speed of 50 m/sec. It suddenly explodes . ‘ __ _ _ __l 0 into two equal parts with velocities as shown 3:, m “ /$<>c J 3 in the adjacent drawing. .3100 [(3 A) (20 pts) What are the speeds of the two parts of the rocket? B) (15 pts) By how much was the mechanical energy increased in the explosion? lé—- 5M ——\»|. 3. A 50 kg woman stands on the end of a diving I 4 q board. The opposite end of the diving board I l‘ A 5" El is connected to the floor by a bolt and a l a fulcrum supports the board. The distance from .- / ‘ the woman to the fulcrum support is 3 meters. figfi/X/j The board has a total length of 5 meters. / /, A) (15 pts) Find the force, EB, of the bolt holding the board to the floor. B) (15 pts) Find the force, FF, of the fulcrum supporting the board. ...
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