dis#4 - NaRhee Pak October 24th 2007 Discusion 14728...

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NaRhee Pak October 24 th , 2007 Discusion 14728 Discussion Assignment #4 Critical Thinking Question #3 If you were an employee in a matrix structure, what pluses do you think the structure would provide? What about minuses? A matrix structure is a structure that creates dual lines of authority and combines functional and product departmentalization (the basis by which jobs are grouped together). The advantages of a matrix structure is that it is easier to coordinate when the organization has a complex and interdependent task. Since the functional groups and product groups often interact with each other, it increases better communication and allows for more flexibility. Thus, information travels more quickly through an organization and reaches the people who need it. While functional groups have a tendency to focus only on their department, the dual line of authority in a matrix structure can reduce that problem since both the functional and product departments have to work together. Also, the matrix effectively places specialization in the correct areas by efficiently putting like specialists together and sharing specialized
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dis#4 - NaRhee Pak October 24th 2007 Discusion 14728...

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