I finally get to meet her...Alcohol poem

I finally get to meet her...Alcohol poem - as you watch me...

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I finally get to meet her. She's the girl of your dreams. Isn't that her, in the glass you're clutching? My alcohol percentage wasn't sufficient. I could by no means get you fucked up. You never reached the point of intoxication and I wasn't good enough. When you close your eyes, what do you see? We both know it isn't me. They're open now and you can't make out a thing. I'm standing right in front of you but the room is revolving. And yet the cup in your hand still won't be adequate. Not as much as necessary to make you content. But you're juvenile and this is how you have fun. I never knew you were so into watching me die. If I'd have known this, I would've taken my own life; and you can smile
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Unformatted text preview: as you watch me bleed. What's worse is you're too hammered to hear me scream goodbye. Fill another cup up with whatever it is you need. Once I was your antidrug. I was all that you required. Was alcohol not supposed to be included, or was it all a lie? The high just wasn't good enough, so swallow it down Hun and wait for me to die. I'm praying at night you will think of me, but all you can contemplate is your next drink. God must be busy. So have another one sweetheart. I'll never quench your thirst. Drink up what's left of us. Drown in what we could be. Pass out next to the cup of the drink of your dreams, and wake up to the worst hangover from the memory of me....
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